Jeanne White Eagle“This website is dedicated to the dreamers and visionaries, to any one of you who has had a vision of a better world and has or is finding the courage to follow those dreams.

I myself am a dreamer. I have been called a visionary. And through all my years there have been amazing souls who have appeared in my life at the exact moment of my own need for encouragement and support. The serendipity of many of those moments has never ceased to amaze me, often to the point of grateful tears and awe.

This website is a way to say thank you to those of you who have or are following your dream and have been willing to ‘stick your necks out,’ to be called a ‘fool’ but who nonetheless are brave enough to take those steps that give those of us, as myself, the courage to push the envelope to see what is possible.

For those who have yet to take the leap of faith into the dream that calls you, my hope is that in providing this site you will find inspiration and confirmation of the choices you are now making, for these are the choices that are moving you forward into a future that will impact us all.

And so, as we come to know each other, you who dream, you who have a vision of a world of higher purpose and being, take my hand and together we’ll cross this street into the unknown, looking in all directions, moving from what has been into what can be,  exploring beyond the boundaries of known limitation…and hopefully in this process, we’ll remember something a friend said to me many years ago ‘there is only One of us here and all there really is is Love.’”

With smiles and a whole lot of love,
Jeanne White Eagle

“I have come to the realization that Love is the essence of all Life.
It is the Source from which all else originates,
whether it is an idea or the manisfestation of that idea.
I’ve heard it described as being
the ‘stuff of which the Universe is made.”
–  Eyes Open, Looking for the Twelve – Blueprint for a New World
“Maybe it isn’t about the dance at all,
But how we treat each other
As we create the experience.”
– Grace, A Journey from Betrayal to Healing
I want to give a personal and profound thank you to Melinda Taylor who so graciously
and beautifully designed this entire website. You are such a great gift.
And another deep thank you to Sean Pehrson
whose amazing talent in graphic art has given this site the depth I had hoped for.
Loving gratitude, Jeanne